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How To Obtain A Loan For a Lawsuit You Are Involved In

We apologize if you were involved in a personal injury situation.  We understand you may be looking for fast and easy loan for a lawsuit you are involved in. You may have a few questions we will attempt to answer here.

Is This Actually a Loan for a Lawsuit

Technically, this is not a loan.  However, in a good way because if you do not win your case or settlement with your attorney; you are not obliged to pay this back.

Unlike traditional loans we don’t require you have good credit to obtain the loan, or proof of income.  So the term lawsuit loan, technically doesn’t apply.  This is actually considered Pre-Settlement Funding and also goes by some other terminology.

How long does the process take to get my money?

The process can be extremely fast, especially if your attorney is responsive.  We recommend that you contact us via telephone during normal business hours for the fastest service possible.  Our team is able to get you money within 24 hours if everything goes smooth, which it often does. Mayfield Settlement Funding provides their own funding of pre-settlement finance so there are ABSOLUTELY no unnecessary delays.

How do I move forward with getting a loan for a lawsuit?

Well, technically it isn’t considered a loan. However, if you want to get moving forward with Pre-Settlement Funding (AKA money prior to closing on your lawsuit) fast and easy, contact our team today.  You can call us directly at 18888008400 for fast and immediate service!